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2016 Arizona Archery Coues and Mearns Quail Hunting with Randy Newberg

This episode of Leupold's Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg is filmed in southern Arizona where Randy is fulfilling his dream of a Sonoran Saf

Scouting for 2017 rifle season and turned into mountain lion hunt

Tracking mountain lion blood trail


The first part of our 2018 Archery Javelina season in Arizona. Having fun chasing game with our bows for the start of the new year.

Archery Javelina hunt arizona

My good friend Willi Schmidt of Pure Hunting wanted to try Javelina hunting so he picked up an left over rifle tag for javelina and came to

Arizona Javelina Hunt with Recurve

Shane's 2018 Arizona javelina with recurve:
Days In The Wild Outfitters guide Shane Edgar with his 2018 Archery Javelina 5 yards with a re

Bowhunting Javelina with Closing the Distance TV - Second Camera Angle

Short bowhunt with Matt Moore of Closing the Distance. 2nd camera angle. Must see.

Residential for sale - 762 N MOUNTAIN LION PASS Pass, Globe, AZ 85501

Listing Site:
Property Site:

javelina piglets (turn up volume!)

While on a javelina hunt in Southern Arizona, we were ran over by a few piglets.

2017 Archery Mountain Lion Hunt

Ross get's the opportunity to chase mountain lions! He able to take his first mountain lion with archery equipment with an epic shot!!

Arizona Quail Hunting - Bonus Mountain Lion Search (2017)


Arizona Quail Hunting in the desert. This was actually a full morning of scouting for mule

"Dyno"- 295 inch AZ Strip Giant Mule Deer

Arizona 2017 Archery Javelina Hunt

Follow us on our 2017 archery javelina hunt in beautiful Southern Arizona. Every year, we look forward to glassing early morning sunny slope

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