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Giant moose while deer hunting 2017 northern Maine

My dad and I go out hunting by our house, I brought my 30-30 open sights while my dad brought his 300 ultra mag.

Big Bucks in Maine 2017

Hunting the Highlands of Northern Maine with Dan Wagner at Maine Trophy Outfitters

Calling in a Maine Moose

Called in a nice moose 9 minutes before the end of the moose hunt. He’s still walking the woods

Maine Deer Hunt Buck Kill

Nov 8, 2017, I was able to get one of my target bucks in front of me finally. 60 yard shot. I took a smaller 8 pt out of the same stand with

Two 8 point Maine Whitetail Bucks eat together in Nov

Typically it is in the Spring when bucks come together in their Bachelor Groups, in November they are at odds with each other for the female

Turkey Hunting In Spring 2k16!

Turkey Hunting In Spring 2k16!

Awesome Maine Moose Hunt 2017. Seven Point Bull.

"Trapper John".....John Swoager harvests 7 pt. Bull Moose while hunting in Zone 10 in Patten, Maine 2017.

2017 Maine Archery Buck

Maine Whitetail Deer

Maine 2017: Rutting Moose (IN THE FACE!)

Trying to keep calm when three moose walk right up in your face! Great footage and a laugh, while scouting for whitetails.

Turkey Hunt

My 2017 Maine spring turkey. Location: Bangor Maine Gun: Remington 870 express 12 gauge. 8 1/4" beard 3/4" spurs.

Turkey hunting in Maine on Thanksgiving 2017

As my Sista would say: "They are so Cute at that Age" or, one I remember from over 50 years ago: "It does Not take much to amuse a Child"

Maine moose hunt October 2017.

Joined one of my best friends and several other brothers on his moose hunt. We were lucky to harvest this huge bull on day one. We were

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